Great for oyster cards by preventing card clash or paying twice for your journeyProtect all your cards and make sure each card is in a protective sleevePrevents remote card skimming and sensitive information leaking from your wallet5 Protectors in this packThe best looking RFID protectors on the market! Looks great in your purse.

These Credit Card RFID Blocking Sleeves are made from special layers of metallic composite designed to prevent data from being accessed remotely without your permission. That's why it's important to guard your card against a rogue scanner.

What is RFID technology

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a form of technology being introduced into all manner of Passport, Debit, Credit Cards, ID Cards, Gym Passes and many more items of this nature. It's designed to make life simpler by transmitting information remotely about who you are or how to access your bank account or credit facilities to transact money quickly and without the need for physical contact.

What are the risks

Although this technology is great, there are devices available on the internet allowing anyone to access your sensitive data remotely and without your knowledge. If this information fell into the wrong hands the consequences could be catastrophic.

What can be done about it

An RFID sleeve is made from materials specially designed to block communication between an RFID reader and your Cards or Passports therefore helping to prevent the unauthorised access of your sensitive data. This could help to protect you against ID theft or unwanted credit or debit card transactions.

Can an RFID Sleeve help against Card Clash

Yes. Card clash is where you were expecting to use one card but instead an RFID reader uses another or multiple cards at once from your wallet. By isolating your cards and passports with RFID sleeves you simply take out the single card or passport you wish to use and therefore only activate one card at a time.

5 x Turquoise Polkadot RFID NFC Blocking Card Clash Anti Scan Protectors for your Credit Cards CQBZRFVCP

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5 x Turquoise Polkadot RFID NFC Blocking Card Clash Anti Scan Protectors for your Credit Cards CQBZRFVCP

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